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 Why Get Extra Help?

GCSE Maths Tutor
'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.'
 Benjamin Franklin
Both GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics Examinations are challenging. CAL Mathematics specialises in preparing students in Year 7-11 for these exams.
  • The total time for the GCSE examinations across 3 papers is 4 ½ hours. (The IGCSE has 2 papers totalling 4 hours)
  • Grades from 9 to 1 are awarded, and have replaced the previous A* to G grading scale. (Grade 9 is equivalent to an A**)
  •  In the assessments there’s an emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning
  • Students will be required to memorise formulae. 
Maths has always been a subject where 'little and often' is favoured over last minute cramming to ensure the best results possible in examinations. Proficiency requires understanding followed by regular and persistent practice– and lots of it! The demands of the 9-1 Maths examinations makes this ever more true.
CAL Mathematics offers weekly tuition sessions to support students in their progress through the curriculum. Each session covers syllabus topics followed by practice and worked examples of exam style questions to reinforce learning.
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