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A New School Year…. A New Opportunity…


The summer holidays are coming to an end and the new school year is almost upon us. As parents, we start to prepare by sewing name labels into new uniforms, buying new shoes, pens and pencil cases.

We busy ourselves preparing our children on the outside, but can we help to prepare them on the inside? What would they like to achieve this year academically and what can we do to help them to get there?

I was recently helping my 9-year-old niece with some maths in preparation for her forthcoming 11+ and the pleasure was all mine! The joy of seeing her face illuminate when a topic which once held dread suddenly became clear; “Oh, that is so easy” she said afterwards “I can do that!”

There was no magic involved, just time and guidance providing the opportunity to unlock the misconception. A small piece of extra information was all it took to go from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

Whatever your child’s age whether at primary or secondary school, the best preparation they can have for the new school year is one of confidence and motivation. Encourage your child to believe that ‘they can’. Let them know that when something is difficult they will be able to do it if they persist. The four great rules of learning are ‘understanding first and then practice, practice, practice’.

Motivate them to want to try. Instil the knowledge that regardless of subject, it is inevitable that with focus and practice they will improve. The same is true whether learning to ride a bicycle or master algebra.

As a parent, you can trigger the start of an upward spiral that will help them to begin the school year on a high note. Encourage and motivate them to practice. Practice that will allow them to achieve those improved results giving them confidence in their ability.

Motivation, Practice, Improved Results, Increased Confidence. Motivation, Practice, Improved Results…....  

Great internal preparation to go with their new shoes!


Good luck!

Colette Lurshay BSc APMI MTA

CAL Mathematics        


September 2017

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